Afghan Transit Trade

Afghan Transit Trade

Since Pakistan is one of the countries used to transship cargo to Afghanistan, DtoD logistics have detailed information and experience on the different transport possibilities. Our team of freight forwarding professionals is on call to design a program that suits you best. At the lowest possible rates! Getting quotes couldn’t be any easier with our easy to use forms and outstanding customer service. Simply send us your query and you will be on your way to moving big freight anywhere on the globe. We can arrange transport to most cities including Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad and also Bagram.

Besides inland transport, we can arrange a complete freight solution from any point of origin through our worldwide network. The route for the transport of cargo is usually Karachi- Peshawar Dry Port or Karachi-Quetta Dry port. We are also able to arrange transshipment of air cargo from Pakistani airports into Afghanistan by road (non-commercial).

There are two categories of cargo for Afghanistan. One is Commercial Cargo, which is moved to its destination under the Afghan Transit Trade Agreement. A list of such items can be provided.

The second category is Reconstruction or Governmental Assistance cargo. This includes Relief Cargo, Reconstruction Materials, and Diplomatic Cargo. All the cargo from NGO’s, government assistance, donations and aid come through this category. The formalities for each have to be followed carefully to ensure smooth processing and minimum extra expenses.

We welcome inquires from governmental organizations, companies, NGO’s, individuals or freight forwarders for any segment of the solution. Reliability, quick response and regular status updates will be available for your goods.

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